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The garden4me GIANT raised garden planter is ideal for those who want to create and enjoy  beautiful gardens.

Visually stunning and available in a great range of colours and granite finishes, the garden4me raised planter provides the perfect opportunity to create the ideal garden filled with a choice of plants and flowers entirely personal to you.

See ‘Customer’s Gardens’ for examples of what other people have planted

Technical information

  • Length 120 cm Width 80 cm Height 70cm
  • Built-in 20 Litre self-regulating water reservoir
  • 240 litre compost/soil capacity
  • 25 cm (10 inch) depth growing bed
  • Double walled construction keeps compost/soil warm to promote faster growth
  • Manufactured from certified food grade materials
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor gardening
  • Life-time guarantee against rotting
  • Frost proof and crack proof
  • Assemble in minutes without the need for special tools
Important Notice When positioning your garden4me Raised Garden on a balcony, you should ensure that the balcony where it is to be located is large enough to fit the product the dimensions of which are : 1200mm x 800mm (height 700mm.) When filled to capacity, the Raised Garden weighs 300KGs and you should therefore ensure that the balcony will accommodate such weight, taking into account any further weight from any other sources and at any other times. Garden4me cannot accept any liability in respect of a Raised Garden being placed on a balcony or elsewhere
£274.00 .inc VAT

Raised Planters

£274.00 inc. VAT

SKU: 123456
Oct 19, 2016 Garden4Me News

How to encourage your children to grow vegetables in the garden

Nice article from the Telegraph gardening section - James Clark, gardener at the Eden Project, Cornwall, gives his advice on how to get children growing vegetables
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