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    Elaine from Nottinghamshire …

    I have had great fun with my planter - the seeds responded in the most amazing way. We had some really good size lettuce as well as cut and come again leaves. Spring onions did well and bite size beetroot. I put in a few cosmos seeds and they turned into giants. I planted rocket quite late but it responded brilliantly, and lasted all through the winter.

    Paula of the Maria Goretti Foundation is delighted with the benefits:

    “We are a respite centre for children who have intellectual, physical, sensory disability or Autism. We have found they really enjoy using the Garden4me raised planters as it is educational for them to find out where fruit and vegetables come from and watch them grow from seed to plant. Both the staff and children have found them very easy to use and with all the different colours they really bring our sensory garden to life. The built-in 20 litre water reservoir is fantastic”

    Milford Care Centre residents in Ireland are getting real benefits from their planter …

    We have two lovely gents who sadly are no longer with us but they went out every week to tend their crop for two rotations attending the specialist palliative day unit and really found it a great product. I can tell you that it brought these two men together through the work on the Raised Garden Planter, two stoic Irish men who believed in not complaining, or sharing their fears, but through the work they discussed their illnesses, its effect on their lives and that of their loved one, their hopes and fears. Most of all they had time to forget the burden of the illness and be two men gardening and laughing which is precious.

    Three garden4me planters have been well received by residents of Shepway District Council in Sheltered Accommodation at Halliday Court.

    “these are wonderful as they are just the right height to work with for those who are less able to lean or kneel, and they need very little watering because of the way they are designed. We are really keen gardeners here and the raised planters are a real asset to us. They are perfect for all age and ability groups and with the added bonus of a self-watering system - we knew they would be ideal. The plants look great and the difference the planters have made to the appearance of the complex has been really noticeable. We hope to continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

    Emma in Berkshire has been growing tomatoes in her planter …

    First tomatoes of the season grown in my garden4me planter. Packed with them so looks like a good crop again this year. Only having to water once a week as it has its own reservoir.

    Veronica in Oxfordshire

    Veronica in Oxfordshire is enjoying growing salad leaves in her planter – and eating them in her salads.

    Ian in Yorkshire is using his planter to brighten up his front door …

    ‘I’ve created a brilliant display in a space that was looking bare which my neighbours have all complimented me on – and I’ve added a layer of bulbs underneath the plants that will come up in Spring to keep it looking cheerful’

    Pauline from Essex is growing vegetables for the first time …

    ‘I’m thrilled how they have come up for my first attempt as I’m not a gardener’

    Joan and John in Ireland have successfully been growing throughout last year’s summer heatwave …

    ‘Just gone through several weeks of drought conditions here in Ireland, temperatures reaching 32 degrees and our garden4me raised planter is still producing strong healthy plants. The water reservoir system is fantastic, identical plants grown in the soil are suffering badly with burnt leaves and tiny courgettes, we are already harvesting from the garden4me. Would highly recommend it especially in these times of hosepipe bans! Excellent product!’

    Helen in Bradford loves gardening in her raised planter …

    ‘I love that I can garden all year round in my raised planter – and the double walled construction keeps roots warm and protected even through a Yorkshire winter! I’ve just planted up a fabulous display for autumn and I get a wonderful splash of colour every time I open my back door”

    Alan from Manchester is rediscovering his love of vegetable gardening …

    “After many years of not gardening it was a real thrill to realise I could grow my own vegetables again even though I only have a patio - and right from the first crops they’ve been fantastic”