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    GIANT raised bed planters with built-in reservoir
    Great for growing your own
    perfect for schools
    A great way to create a beautiful flower garden
    Great for Bee and Butterfly friendly planting
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    Welcome to garden4me
    suppliers of GIANT raised bed planters with built-in reservoir!

    Our products come with a host of amazing features – a built-in reservoir which regulates itself to keep your plants watered at all times, they take just minutes to assemble, come with a life-time guarantee against rotting, have a fantastic granite effect finish and are available in a great range of colours.

    Our GIANT planters are suitable for all age and ability groups, and support all growing preferences.


    • Length 120 cm Width 80 cm Height 70cm
    • Built-in 20 Litre self-regulating water reservoir
    • 240 litre compost/soil capacity
    • 25 cm (10 inch) depth growing bed
    • Double walled construction keeps compost/soil warm to promote faster growth
    • Manufactured from certified food grade materials
    • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor gardening
    • Life-time guarantee against rotting
    • Frost proof and crack proof
    • Assemble in minutes without the need for special tools
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    Raised Planters

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    SKU: 123456
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    Mangetout, Mangetout

    Duncan set out to grow Mangetout in his raised planter – and what a result. He first planted his Oregon Sugar pods in his greenhouse in March and then transferred them to the raised garden in May, covering them in topsoil. By mid-June they were ready for picking and tasted fantastic!

    Duncan also improvised creating his own growing frame using the holes at the end of the raised planter to give the Mangetout something to climb up…and how they responded!

    First Early Potatoes

    A fine crop of Pentland Javelins was grown by Duncan in his second raised garden. Living in Ireland he planted them traditionally on St Patrick’s Day and watched them as they grew and grew….and grew!

    By mid-June he was enjoying a fantastic crop of home-grown potatoes.

    Herb Garden at the back door

    Morag wanted to create a Herb Garden at her back door in Edinburgh so used her raised planter to do just that. Planting Sage, Red-veined Sorrel, Chives, Garlic Chives, Rosemary, Flat-leaf Parsley, Broad-leaf Thyme and ordinary Thyme she created a fantastic feeding station to support her passion for cooking.

    “I am delighted with my garden4me raised planter. I now have a convenient herb garden right at my back door. The planter is easy to use and the self-watering system is brilliant. What a great product”.

    Amazing Herbs

    Despite having a large garden Vivien was unable to grow herbs due to the poor soil conditions. The garden4me raised planter proved the perfect solution and within just a few short weeks her herb garden had sprung to life in spectacular fashion.

    Planting it using small plants from the garden centre rather than growing from seed, she planted Sage, Marjoram, Bay, Rosemary and Thyme, and now the garden provides all the herbs she needs for her cooking – and for all the neighbours too who are regular visitors for supplies when they are starting to cook.

    An amazing Sensory Garden

    Having seen Garden4me’s Japanese inspired garden at the RHS Chatsworth Show, Pam dedicated herself to creating her own Sensory Garden.

    “I wanted to create something which was tactile and fragrant so I spent some time researching the plants that would give me exactly what I wanted, and I am delighted with the results. My garden4me raised planter is sat on my Patio in full view from the lounge or when I am in the garden, and I love it”.

    “I planted Chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Sedum, Sedora, Thymus Goldstream, Carex Everest, Stachys – Lamb’s Ear, Coreopsis – Flying Saucers, Scabiosa – Kudo, Garvinea and Lavender – Hidcote, put in some nice decorative features to finish the garden off and the results are brilliant”

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    19 October
    Garden4me raised planters form natural barrier to invasion by Carrot Flies

    We are all aware of the many pests which inhabit our gardens, but for growers of carrots and other root vegetables garden4me raised planters are forming a natural defence against one of the most destructive of all pests – the Carrot Fly.

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    11 October
    Happy Gardening at Shepway DC

    Three garden4me planters have been well received by residents of Shepway District Council in Sheltered Accommodation at Halliday Court.

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    10 October
    Anne Gunning, RHS North West Community Outreach Advisor

    We had a lovely day planting up the garden4me raised planter at Wharton Primary with various herbs. They tasted the chives(and weren’t that keen) and we made mint tea with some of the leaves and they all tasted it and they loved that.

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